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    Manuela is a Colombian-born artist living and working in Gadigal land ((Sydney, Australia)). She can usually be found teaching a drawing or ceramic workshop at a number of local art studios, 

making her otherwordly, colourful creations at her home studio, or creating murals, event fit-outs and designs for festivals, venues, musicians, and collectives.

She's also had the pleasure of collaborating in social and environmentally conscious murals and projects with neighbourhood organisations and facilitators in their efforts to bring communities together through the creation process. 

Having uprooted and moved to Canada and then Australia after growing up in Colombia, she felt herself the child of many cultures, being at once part of them but also in limbo between them. 

She plays with this tension in her practice, an exploration of the self and consciousness, of the history of the cultures she experiences and the  indigenous wisdom of the lands she inhabits. 

She plays with form and imagery to create otherworldly narratives. Each piece an attempt to frame elusive feelings but always embodying her own approach to life; playful, inquisitive, ever aware and evolving

 After specialising in ceramics and painting at Concordia University in Montréal for a double major in Fine Arts and Art History, she's also found herself dabbling in printmaking, jewellery, metalwork, papier maché, stained glass, bronze casting and even ice carving throughout her ((short but exciting)) career.

She's always on the lookout for new materials to incorporate into her work and the possibility of fruitful collaborations xx


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